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Wild Connection

See your child for who they are, connect in the moment, and nurture the foundations of your relationship.

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Wild Respect

Be on the same team as your child who is already a real person right now, living their real life right here.

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Wild Insight

You can change yourself and parent intentionally. Take care of yourself; handle your shit. You’re the adult.

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Wild Abandon

Let go of control. Slow down, be carefree, say yes. Be a real person and a good friend.

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The Gentle Discipline Big Idea Book

55+ great ideas for when you're ready to ditch punishment! Even during conflicts, you can build your connection and stay true to yourself. Plus tips for stopping problems BEFORE they even happen.


Parenting With Wild Abandon is...

 Building respectful connections with our children.

Loving them for who they already are.

Enjoying our lives together without worrying about the future.