Welcome weary parents.


Parenting doesn’t have to be a frazzled mess of conflict that you struggle to get through each day.

I see you.

You’re tired, overwhelmed, and frazzled. The days get too long. Maybe you get too angry at your kids. Maybe you're a little too critical of them. I know you beat yourself up for all the mistakes you made.

You’re under a lot of pressure, and sometimes it seems like you’re all alone.

When you start parenting with wild abandon you’ll discover that parenting can actually be awesome!

Where is the joy? Where is the fun?

You want a solid relationship with your kids built on playfulness and deep respect. You crave the feeling of being confident and supported in your parenting decisions. You want to accept your kids (and yourself!) for the awesome people you already are.

You can do this.

It turns out there's a secret to respectful, joyful parenting. You can parent with wild, carefree abandon... once you abandon fear and control.

You might not think fear and control play a big part in the times when parenting drives you crazy, but once you start digging deep and breaking through, amazing things are going to happen.

I'm Issa Waters.

I'm a wild mama of 2 who spent a lot of time failing to become a perfect parent. But somehow I found the secret trick of facing MY fears and letting go of control.

Now I'm patient, relaxed, and connected to my kids. Parenting feels carefree. (Most of the time!) Judgements, doubts, and pressure flow on past me without dragging me down.

I've spent the last 20+ years helping other parents find THEIR carefree parenting, and I'd like to walk on this journey with you, too.

Let's start parenting with WILD, carefree, joyful abandon... together!


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I'm glad you're here. I work every day to help parents find more cooperation, connection, and respect in their relationships.

And you support and inspire me, too! I see this as a big, world-changing journey we're on together. Let's go!

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