How To Parent With Connection Even In Hard Moments (AKA the "bite the doctor" article)

wild connection Apr 20, 2022

Corrine, a mama friend of mine, was in the doctor’s office with her 5 year old daughter and baby son having a horrible time. I’m sure you’ve been there. Her daughter needed a shot. That sucks for everyone, no matter how old you are! Corrine had expected some tears and protestations from her daughter. But what actually happened was a whole different animal.

Her daughter fought her mom and the doctor at every turn. There was shouting. There was screaming. There was running away. There was struggling. There was crying. The whole thing culminated in the moment of the shot, where Corrine’s daughter BIT the doctor!

Everyone Gets Disconnected Sometimes

No amount of positive parenting will prevent your kids from having bad moments. They will have strong emotions, big mistakes, epic failures, and crushing disappointments. I will never suggest that you can prevent that or even that you SHOULD. Life sucks sometimes, and that’s okay.

Also, not every bit of your...

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Connect Before You Correct

wild connection Jan 31, 2022

Connect Before You Correct is a catchy principle for reducing stress in your relationship with your child.

There are lots of reasons you may need to “correct” your child, and you want these important times to go as smoothly as possible.

  • Safety concerns such as keeping a young child out of the street or away from the stove. Or talking to a teen after an incident of drinking or drug use.
  • Stressful transitions such as getting everyone out the door on time for an appointment or moving a young child towards bedtime.
  • Moral concerns like lying or stealing.
  • Personal preferences of others such as helping a young child not chase someone who doesn’t want to be chased or finding a music volume level that works for everyone.
  • Social standards like telling your child to keep their clothes on at the grocery store or not throw their trash on the ground at the park.

In these cases, you have something to communicate to your child that they may not want to hear. What you have to say...

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12 Ways To NOT Connect With Your Child

wild connection Jan 10, 2022

Don’t just do something – stand there.

Yes, that’s backwards from how you usually hear it.

Sometimes it is important to take action.

But other times it’s important to hold space or give your presence.

When your child is upset and expressing an intense emotion like sadness, anger, or frustration, it’s the perfect time to give your loving connection.

You might think you understand what connection IS, but just to be sure let’s talk about some things that connection IS NOT.

I first learned about true empathy, which is a big part of connection, though the book Nonviolent Communication. (That’s an affiliate link.) I recommend everyone pick up this book to learn more! In the meantime, here are 12 things that do NOT create connection in tense moments.

1. Passing Judgment

If you are making a moralistic judgment about your child, you are NOT connecting with them. We are TERRIBLE about this in our culture. There are so many opportunities to use...

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Dig Deep And Move Closer To Your Child

wild insight Dec 30, 2021

I think I already know everything about parenting (ha! yeah right!)

But every now and then I come across a new parenting idea that blows me away.

A while back I read Jitterberry’s article “Who Should Adjust?” (sadly, blog no longer active) and it’s so powerful! She says that most parenting problems can be summed up as “how can I get my child to need less of me?”

Isn’t that SO true?! We ask kids to need us less, and we ask them to BE less. We ask them to be quieter, be more still, get out of the way, take up less room, and be more alone. We may not SAY “shut up and go away” out loud, but damn, that’s what we communicate a lot of the time!

Jitterberry asks the simple question, “What if instead we could become more?” and that’s the kind of question that can change your life.

When a difficult or uncomfortable situation arises, it’s natural to want to pull back. You want to protect yourself. You want...

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What Is Parenting With Connection And Why Does It Matter?

wild connection Dec 03, 2021

What is the most important thing to you as a parent?

  • Is it keeping your kids safe?
  • Is it teaching them right from wrong?
  • Is it keeping them healthy?
  • Is it sharing your values?

All of those sound important, but are they the MOST important part of parenting?

Parenting means weaving together so many different skills.

You keep your child warm, well fed, and safe. You care for their physical health, their emotional well-being, and their spiritual center.

You’re their cook, their chauffeur, their landlord, and their friend. You juggle housekeeping, paying the bills, and repairing the car.

Somewhere in there you try to teach a thing or two and have a little fun. Maybe you even safe-guard some personal time and private interests of your own.

You have so many priorities. How do you figure out what is most important and what you can let slide?

It turns out there’s one thing that’s more important than everything else.

It’s the quality of your relationship together.


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Parent The Child You Have, Not The Child You WISH You Had

wild respect Nov 22, 2021

There we were hanging out with our forest playgroup at a new urban wilderness playground. My son was alternating between begging me to leave and hitting other kids.

Then I called him a butt, and his face fell in hurt and disappointment.

How did we end up here? There has to be an explanation for how this went so wrong!

Let’s back up.

I love the outdoors. My entire life, being outside has been a critical component of a life well lived. I’m in love with hiking and camping. I’ve been rock climbing, sky diving, white water rafting, and canoeing. I like to sleep under the stars, and I’ve got a thing for the full moon and the summer solstice.

Being outside and having outdoor adventures is part of ME.

But, as my kid will grumpily tell you, he hates nature. Our outdoor playdate organization has the word “forest” in the name. My son says, every time we go, “I hate the forest.”

Now, I’m big on including kids in the decisions about their...

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The Gift of Broken Toys

wild abandon Nov 12, 2021

Before I became a parent I was a nanny for many years. One of the services I offered was to design the children’s playroom. I created beautiful spaces with toys grouped by learning categories. Everything had its place.

As soon as the kids broke a toy, I whisked it away never to be seen again. The parents always returned home to a clean and organized playspace.

Needless to say, I have a different style of family, and my child’s play areas look a little different. There is one giant toy box that all the toys get shoveled into. Or not. My son’s toys are all mixed up with one another and scattered here and there… or somewhere.

I used to think that broken toys were sad. I didn’t understand why a useless item should stay among the intact toys. Now I have a more -ahem- casual relationship with cleaning up. My child’s collection of toys is riddled with broken parts.

And from those broken pieces, I’ve seen a magic arise.

I watch him stack the wheels...

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Why My Child Doesn’t Have Chores

wild respect Nov 01, 2021

At my house you have to wade through knee-deep piles of toys, dirty clothes, and trash to get from room to room. All because my child doesn’t have chores.

No, wait, that’s not right.

We have no charts, star stickers, chore lists, threats, or bribes. I’m not even sure my 5-year old knows the word “chore.”

And yet, our house is cleaner than some people’s, messier than others, and doing alright.

Why My Child Doesn’t Have Chores

#1 -  My Priorities Are Not His Priorities

Dylan doesn’t care if his toys are all over everywhere.

I do.

Which of our preferences should take priority?

I don’t assume that my way goes just because I’m an adult.

Because the living room is shared family space, when I want it picked up, I do it myself. I let Dylan know when I’m picking up so he can help if he wants to or move any projects out of the way.

Dylan’s room is 100% his. Just like my room is mine. Wouldn’t it be pretty...

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Parenting So You Don't Miss The Unicorns

wild abandon Oct 18, 2021


A loud noise reverberated from the next room over.

You’re a parent, so you know. You know the fears that run through your mind when there’s a BANG somewhere, and your child is also… somewhere.

Of course I was in the shower. Heaven forbid I make it peacefully through a whole shower.

I listened for crying. No. Probably no one was injured.

I stepped out of the shower and dried off, just in time.

Just in time to see my naked 5 year old run into the bathroom.

Covered head to toe in orange paint.

And the carpet was also bright orange, leading from the bathroom back to his play area. I plopped my son into the bathtub and then turned the corner to see where the bang had come from.

I never found out what actually caused the bang.

The floor was a giant puddle of orange paint. The table was also covered in orange. A nearby room divider, orange. Chairs, orange.

Choosing How To React

How did I react to all of this? Was I angry? Sad? Disappointed? Overwhelmed?

Did I...

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Say YES to Your Kids - Here's Why and How

wild abandon Sep 25, 2021

If you need someone on YOUR side, someone who has YOUR back, someone who helps make more YES in YOUR life, you need Wild Parents Social, a free community full of support and learning. Would love to have you join us!


It can seem like our jobs as parents is to find out what our kids want and declare whether or not they get to have it.

YES or NO, we decree.

This is a great and heady power.

Saying No Is Too Easy

We default to no.

Then one NO accidentally slips into no no no no no no no no no….

To know this, all you have to do is listen.

One day I paid close attention, and this is what I heard myself saying to my toddler:

  • “No, you can’t climb on that chair. Or that chair. Or that one.”
  • “No, you can’t touch the stove. Or the oven.”
  • “No, you can’t touch that cabinet.”
  • “No, you can’t open the freezer.”
  • “No, you can’t grab that marker.”
  • “No, I’m not going to give you my...
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